WEAR :: Moonflower Hand Lotion By Thymes

10 May


There are a lot of good-smelling lotions out there. And there are many great-smelling scents. But then there are some that are simply magical. This Moonflower Hand Lotion from Thymes falls into that category.

Perhaps it’s because I discovered this lotion during a stressful time at work. I desperately needed to leave the office and take a walk, and I found myself in a local boutique, sniffing and sampling the arrangements of body products. Sometimes pretty scents have a way of relaxing your mood, and this Moonflower number definitely wooed the ol’ olfactory.

This lotion has a nice floral smell, but it’s not too overwhelming, and it makes your hands feel silky smooth. I keep this at my desk so I can invigorate my senses – and de-stress – throughout the day. Actually, I think I’ll enjoy a dollop right now…





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