Jaclyn & Chris – Boston Public Garden Engagement Session

3 Dec

I met Jaclyn and Chris in October when I was photographing Sarah and Kevin’s wedding. They were both members of the wedding party, so I got to learn a tad about each of them, including the fact that these two love birds were recently engaged (hooray!). Soon after the wedding Jaclyn got in touch to see if I could shoot their wedding, however I was already booked, which was a huge bummer. BUT the good news is that they wanted engagement photos done, and I was super excited to meet up with them to do the job! We met up at the Boston Public Garden on a very chilly day, and these two arrived bundled up but looking as stylish as ever. I love the Boston Public Garden because there are so many different spots for photos. And the trees and flowers – even in the winter – are just beautiful. During this engagement session I learned that these two are high school sweethearts, which is rare nowadays. My parents were also high school sweethearts, and are going on almost 40 years of marriage! I wish these two the very best, including well over 40 years of marriage. Congrats, Jaclyn and Chris!

Boston Public Garden Engagement_0092 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0093 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0094 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0095 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0096 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0097 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0098 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0099 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0100 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0101 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0102 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0103 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0104 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0105 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0106 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0107 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0108 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0109

Jen and Nick’s Kennebunkport Wedding :: Maine Wedding Photographer

25 Nov

I’m taking it back to the beginning of the wedding season…when the weather was, well, probably about as cold as it is now! (Remember that extended winter we had?!) Alrighty, I digress…I can’t believe it has been seven months! Wow, wedding season really does fly by. Jen and Nick’s wedding on May 3 was the first one of the year, and a super special wedding. Jen and Nick’s sister-in-law, Sarah, is a dear friend of mine, so I’ve had the chance to really get to know these two love birds over the last two years. These two are genuinely kind people…always looking to help out wherever possible. I remember a few weeks after I got engaged, I was at Sarah’s house, and Jen delivered the sweetest engagement card. At that point, I had only hung out with her a few times, but she heard about my engagement and greeted me with such a thoughtful note! This is just one anecdote of just how wonderful this couple is!

Their wedding was a quintessential Maine coastal wedding. They said their vows in a tiny chapel with weather shingled siding in Biddeford Pool, the town that Jen spent her childhood summers, and where Nick ultimately proposed! Then the party switch flipped on when we arrived at the Nonantum Resort. Night Shift rocked the house and I loved how they interacted with the crowd. Even the grandparents were making moves on the dance floor!

Thanks, Jen and Nick, for a memorable kick off to wedding season. I know there are amazing things down the road for you two ;)

Stay tuned for more weddings from this summer…can’t wait to share more!

Maine Wedding Photographer Maine Wedding Photographer Maine Wedding Photographer Maine Wedding Photographer Maine Wedding Photographer Maine Wedding Photographer Maine Wedding Photographer Maine Wedding Photographer Maine Wedding Photographer


Maine Wedding Photographer     2014-11-25_0063 Maine Wedding Photographer 2014-11-25_0065  Maine Wedding Photographer   2014-11-25_0069

2014-11-25_0075Maine Wedding Photographer


Maine Wedding Photographer

Maine Wedding Photographer 2014-11-25_0077




2014-11-25_0079  2014-11-25_0080 2014-11-25_0081



Maine Wedding Photographer2014-11-25_0085  2014-11-25_0088 2014-11-25_0087 2014-11-25_0086 2014-11-25_0090


Credits: Bridesmaids dresses: L’ELITE / shoes: NINA / dress: PRONOVIAS / favors: TRUFFLES FOR A CAUSE / band: NIGHT SHIFT / flowers: BLOOMS & HEIRLOOMS / photos: SARAH JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY


4 Nov

inspirational quotes

Six Months

2 Nov

I woke up this morning and realized – I GET TO MARRY MY HUNK IN SIX MONTHS. That’s right. We are six months away from May 2, 2015! I know this giddy, smiling-cheek-to-cheek feeling will only heighten as we get closer, and I’m going to enjoy every moment between now and then. As for today, the future hubs surprised me with tickets to the Patriots vs. Broncos game. My team versus his. Manning versus Brady. Can’t. Wait.

Below is a peek at one of our engagement photos taken in front of the lake at Harold Parker State Forest – a quick walk from our house. Love this man.


Spring and Summer Flower Guide

18 Jul

I’m a bit of a flower child. Not in the hippie sense (although my fiance would disagree…) but in the way that I can’t go by a Trader Joe’s or flower market without stopping to pick up a few stems – or 20. Can’t. Resist. Blooms. SO naturally, I obsess over flowers at weddings. Bouquets, centerpieces and beyond. Love, love, love them. I realized that many of my brides are looking to learn more about the types of flowers available during their wedding season, so I wanted to help them out with a little tutorial. I teamed up with Katie over at Sweet Annie Floral Design and we put a little guide together. I learned quite a bit from Katie that day, and I hope you’re able to learn a thing or two as well! Stay tuned for the fall flower guide – coming in the next few months!


Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-39

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-42

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-35

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-43

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-44

Dark Hues

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-49


Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-7 copy

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-10

Yellows and Oranges

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-6

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-14

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-32

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-23

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-16


A Peek at Sarah and Tyler’s Engagement Session :: Great Brook Farm

24 Jun


She’s from Texas. He’s from Massachusetts. And together, they’re a bit country. I absolutely loved doing this engagement shoot at Great Brook Farm – the sun was just so much much to work with and incorporate into the shots. They were sure to wear their boots, and they most certainly rocked them in every photo. These two are just so natural together, and it’s so clear how much they love and adore each other. I can’t wait for their winter wedding in December – until then, let’s enjoy these sunny summer days!


Boston WEdding photographer 4 Boston WEdding photographer 3 Boston WEdding photographer 2SarahJaynePhotography-7 SarahJaynePhotography-10

Boston WEdding photographer 5 Boston wedding photographer 6 Boston wedding photographer 7

Boston wedding photographer 8





7 May



I’m busy, busy, busy editing photos, packing for our new home and wedding planning but I couldn’t be more excited for the journey ahead! When times get a tad stressful, my fiancé always says, “Don’t look at the hill ahead, just look down at your feet, keep them moving and enjoy each step.”

Pomegranate-Thyme Grapefruit Italian Soda

19 Apr


I love nothing more in the summertime than to sip on something bubbly, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic. As of late I’ve been having a number of rendezvous with Italian soda. It’s. Just. So Good. One Sunday morning I had a hankering for some Italian soda but wanted to add a few things in the mix. I muddled a bit of thyme at the bottom of a glass, added Grapefruit-Flavored Italian Soda from Trader Joe’s, and sprinkled in some pomegranate seeds. MMMMMM. This drink had me at hello. The thyme and grapefruit blend nicely and the pomegranate seeds make this a bit of a meal in a glass. You could even freeze the pomegranate seeds and use them as ice cubes, if you wanted.

I enjoyed this bevy with a good book and had quite the perfect Sunday. Happy sipping!



Italian Grapefruit  IMG_0986


Should I Do a First Look? My Thoughts

16 Apr

First Look do or don't

The “first look” has become a very popular trend in the wedding industry over the last few years. Seven out of the last ten of my wedding couples have preferred a “first look” before the ceremony. People absolutely love it! But before I dive into this more, for those scratching their heads, a “first look” takes place prior to the ceremony and is a time for the bride and groom to see each other before they walk down the aisle. Now, there are many reasons why couples jump aboard the “first look” train. For some, it’s a way for them to get out their nerves, tears (sobs), laughter, etc. before they are standing in front of a hundred or so of their closest friends or family. For others, it’s more of a logistical thing: a “first look” means the bride and groom won’t miss out on their cocktail hour, or any part of their wedding.

When I meet with brides and grooms and they ask if they *should* do a “first look” I always objectively provide the pros and cons. I don’t EVER want to make that decision for them because I think it’s a personal choice.

The reality is, yes, if you do a “first look” you WILL have more time to do photos before the ceremony and you’ll likely get to enjoy your entire cocktail hour. You’ll also be able to create a very intimate moment between you and your significant other – and I absolutely LOVE some of the reactions I see. That said, I would caution you to really make this moment real – don’t fake a reaction or make a more animated gesture than usual. It should be natural!

On the flip side, the tradition of “he’s seeing you for the first time when you walk down the aisle” is no longer an option. For me, as I’m thinking about my future wedding, I’m opting to keep it traditional, because there’s a tiny bit of yesteryear left in this girl. But for all of the contemporary brides out there, who really don’t care about this, then the “first look” is right for you.

Sure, I know that keeping it traditional will mean I need to be smart and work with my photographer on a very strict wedding agenda and portrait lineup, but I think the payoff – that moment when he sees me and I see him – will truly be priceless.

DIY Bridesmaid “Ask” Gifts

28 Feb


Weddings are on my mind right now, not only because I have a bunch of lovely weddings coming up this summer, but also because I’m planning my own wedding alongside my amazing fiancé, Eric. Because I have weddings booked through the summer and fall, I had to schedule my own wedding for 2015. But hey, no harm in waiting. That means there’s a lot more time to plan, create pretty details and of course, enjoy the oh-so fun days of being engaged!

Eric and I picked our venue and date pretty easily, but perhaps the hardest initial step was deciding on how to ask my bridesmaids to be in my wedding. I know, that sounds silly, but 6 of the 8 bridesmaids live out of state, and I wanted to send something that was simple yet special. When I saw these tiny potted plants at Trader Joe’s, I knew these were perfect.


To make these a bit more personal, I created little flags with my invitation. These were pieced together using wooden sticks, white circular cut-outs and black duck tape. Because the plants and flowers have a lot of color, I wanted to keep these neutral. They were super easy to make and I think they look great packaged together!


After I added my date and my signature, these were ready to go. My bridesmaids loved them and now they have a little reminder of what’s to come in May 2015!