Providence Engagement Session :: Brett & Dave at Prospect Terrace Park

21 Jan

A couple weekends ago I spent my Saturday and Sunday in the Providence area – a wedding and then this darling engagement session. We originally planned to meet up later in the afternoon, but there was just one problem – the Patriots playoff game! So in true New England fashion, we bumped up the shoot to the earlier hours of the morning. After a cup (or three) of coffee, we were out the door and embracing the fresh snowfall. We first had some fun in their backyard, playing with their beautiful dogs, and then headed to Prospect Terrace Park in Providence.

It was a sunny day…blue skies…and about 6 degrees WITHOUT the windchill. It was cold, but these two were troopers and we truly made the most of the sunshine and snow. When the air is THAT dry and it’s THAT cold, snow is essentially like glitter…so we threw a lot of snow around to create some of these breathtaking snow photos.

I’m truly looking forward to their wedding in September at Aldrich Mansion!

Providence Wedding Photographer_0177Providence Wedding Photographer_0178Providence Wedding Photographer_0180 Providence Wedding Photographer_0181 Providence Wedding Photographer_0182Providence Wedding Photographer_0195

Providence Wedding Photographer_0183 Providence Wedding Photographer_0184  Providence Wedding Photographer_0186 Providence Wedding Photographer_0187 Providence Wedding Photographer_0188 Providence Wedding Photographer_0189 Providence Wedding Photographer_0190Providence Wedding Photographer_0185Providence Wedding Photographer_0192Providence Wedding Photographer_0191  Providence Wedding Photographer_0194  Providence Wedding Photographer_0196 Providence Wedding Photographer_0197 Providence Wedding Photographer_0198 Providence Wedding Photographer_0199 Providence Wedding Photographer_0200 Providence Wedding Photographer_0201 Providence Wedding Photographer_0202 Providence Wedding Photographer_0203 Providence Wedding Photographer_0204 Providence Wedding Photographer_0206Providence Wedding Photographer_0205


Ali & Landon :: Dartmouth College Wedding in New Hampshire

14 Jan

This summer I had the thrill of shooting a wedding at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. My great Uncle Johnny is a Dartmouth graduate, so as a kid I used to hear all about the beauty of the campus and the caliber of the college. I grew up along the west coast, so Dartmouth College was a far-away dreamy destination for this girl. Flash forward many years later, I had the pleasure of capturing the sweet moments as Ali and Landon wed at Rollins Chapel on the Dartmouth campus.

Everyone falls in love at different times in their lives, and for Ali and Landon, they met at Dartmouth College as they were studying for their undergraduate degrees. These two are as kind-hearted as they are brilliant, and it was only fitting that they wed on the grounds of their alma mater.

A suite at the Hanover Inn served as the perfect place for Ali to get ready with her bridesmaids. Ali selected monogramed blue-collared shirts for her bridesmaids, adding a preppy feel to the elegant day. And her dress…what a dress! Ali wore that dress flawlessly and it had a beautiful way of gliding on the floor. Ali also added a bit of spunk to her attire with her bright Kate Spade pumps.

Dartmouth College is quite picturesque, so there was no shortage of places to snap photos, even when it was raining outside. The day in its entirety was simply stunning, and I couldn’t be happier for these lovebirds! A big thanks to Alex for shooting with me!

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0059

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0079

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0057

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0058 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0060 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0061 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0062 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0063 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0064

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0093Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0065 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0066 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0067

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0071Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0068 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0069 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0070  Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0072 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0074

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0078 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0076 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0077 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0081 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0082 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0083

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0090

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0091

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0092Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0085 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0086

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0087 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0088 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0089

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0094 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0095 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0096 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0097 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0098 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0099 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0100 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0101 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0102 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0103 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0104 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0105 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0106

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0080

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0164Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0084


Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0162

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0161Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0163

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0113

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0107 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0108 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0109 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0110 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0111 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0112  Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0114 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0115 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0116 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0117 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0118 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0119 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0120 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0121 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0122

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0123 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0124 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0125 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0126 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0127 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0128 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0129 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0130 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0131 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0132  Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0134 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0135

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0166Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0136 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0137 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0138

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0148Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0139 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0140 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0141 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0142 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0143 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0144 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0145 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0146 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0147  Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0149 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0150 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0151 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0152 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0153 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0154 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0155 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0156 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0157 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0158

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0168Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0159 Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0160

Dartmouth College wedding photographer_0167

Florist: Kep Taylor, Summersweet Floral
Cake: Hanover Inn
Dress designer: Dennis Basso
Bridesmaid dress designer: Alfred Sung
Getting ready shirts: Designs by Burnaleeja on Etsy
Jewelry: Ti Adoro
Wedding bands: Jewels that Dance
Band: Men in Black II

Katie & Andrew :: Meadow Wind Bed & Breakfast Wedding

1 Jan

This is the point in the year when I catch up on all the blogging that I neglected over the last year, and resolve to blog more and often in the new year. I feel energized and excited to take this blog to the next level, especially because a new website and blog will definitely be happening in the new year…I CANNOT WAIT.

In the meantime, I wanted to share one of my favorite rustic weddings from last October which took place at Meadow Wind Bed & Breakfast in Hebron, New Hampshire. Now, the morning of the wedding, Katie and Andrew were hoping the rain would subside so that they could wed in the beautiful field across the street from Meadow Wind. Unfortunately, the grounds were just too soggy so we retreated to inside of the barn, which was rustic, charming and intimate. This past fall we definitely had our fair share of rainy Saturdays, but every time it rained, each couple cherished the raindrops and fully owned the weather as part of their special day.

New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-30New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-32

New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-33New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-35

New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-36New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-37New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-38 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-42 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-41 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-40New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-44 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-46

New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-48New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-50New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-51Meadow Wind Bed & BreakfastNew Hampshire Wedding Photographer-55New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-57New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-59 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-56 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-58

New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-61New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-62New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-63New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-64New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-66New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-65

New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-78

New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-69 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-70 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-77 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-72 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-73  New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-76

New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-30-2New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-43

New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-82New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-79 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-80 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-81

New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-85 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-86 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-87 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-89 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-90 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-95 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-94 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-93 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-92 New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-91

New Hampshire Wedding Photographer-88

2014 Year in Review :: Boston Wedding Photographer

31 Dec

Earlier this month, I had a couple friends over and we were talking about the year, highs and lows. One friend asked me what the highlight of the wedding season was…and at the time, I was still actively shooting weddings and engagements and really hadn’t had time to reflect on this. Such a great question! With the last wedding taking place this past Sunday, I’ve had a couple days to look back on the amazing last six months. The one thing that stands out is that the couples I’ve worked with are internally beautiful individuals with great hearts and greater love for each other. I get choked up just looking at the photos below because I can see that love in each of these photos and it melts my heart!

With that said, I simply don’t have a singular highlight to share, but I’m walking away from this year so incredibly happy that I’m able to document their love and the official kick-off of their lives together.

A big THANK YOU to all of you – cheers to a happy, healthy new year together!

Jen & Nick

Kennebunkport, Maine wedding - Nonantum resort

Victoria & Frank

New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

Megan & Chris

Quonquont Farm Wedding

Jenny & Andy

Wright Locke Farm Wedding, Winchester, MA

Christa & Joseph

Rhode Island wedding

Katie & Onnie – Two-Day Celebration!

XV Beacon Hotel

Sam's at Louis - West African Cultural Wedding Celebration

 Ali & Landon

Dartmouth College wedding

Sarah & Scott

The Sea View Wedding - Dennisport Cape Cod

Sarah & Kevin

Phillips Academy Wedding, Andover MA

Melba & Dave

Codman Estate Wedding, Lincoln, MA

Katie & Andrew

Meadow Wind Bed & Breakfast, New Hampshire Wedding

Denise & Daniel

Boston Seaport Hotel Wedding

Katie & Anthony

Harvard Club Boston Wedding

Sarah & Tyler

The Villa Wedding, East Bridgewater, MA

Jaclyn & Chris – Boston Public Garden Engagement Session

3 Dec

I met Jaclyn and Chris in October when I was photographing Sarah and Kevin’s wedding. They were both members of the wedding party, so I got to learn a tad about each of them, including the fact that these two love birds were recently engaged (hooray!). Soon after the wedding Jaclyn got in touch to see if I could shoot their wedding, however I was already booked, which was a huge bummer. BUT the good news is that they wanted engagement photos done, and I was super excited to meet up with them to do the job! We met up at the Boston Public Garden on a very chilly day, and these two arrived bundled up but looking as stylish as ever. I love the Boston Public Garden because there are so many different spots for photos. And the trees and flowers – even in the winter – are just beautiful. During this engagement session I learned that these two are high school sweethearts, which is rare nowadays. My parents were also high school sweethearts, and are going on almost 40 years of marriage! I wish these two the very best, including well over 40 years of marriage. Congrats, Jaclyn and Chris!

Boston Public Garden Engagement_0092 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0093 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0094 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0095 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0096 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0097 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0098 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0099 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0100 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0101 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0102 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0103 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0104 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0105 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0106 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0107 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0108 Boston Public Garden Engagement_0109

Jen and Nick’s Kennebunkport Wedding :: Maine Wedding Photographer

25 Nov

I’m taking it back to the beginning of the wedding season…when the weather was, well, probably about as cold as it is now! (Remember that extended winter we had?!) Alrighty, I digress…I can’t believe it has been seven months! Wow, wedding season really does fly by. Jen and Nick’s wedding on May 3 was the first one of the year, and a super special wedding. Jen and Nick’s sister-in-law, Sarah, is a dear friend of mine, so I’ve had the chance to really get to know these two love birds over the last two years. These two are genuinely kind people…always looking to help out wherever possible. I remember a few weeks after I got engaged, I was at Sarah’s house, and Jen delivered the sweetest engagement card. At that point, I had only hung out with her a few times, but she heard about my engagement and greeted me with such a thoughtful note! This is just one anecdote of just how wonderful this couple is!

Their wedding was a quintessential Maine coastal wedding. They said their vows in a tiny chapel with weather shingled siding in Biddeford Pool, the town that Jen spent her childhood summers, and where Nick ultimately proposed! Then the party switch flipped on when we arrived at the Nonantum Resort. Night Shift rocked the house and I loved how they interacted with the crowd. Even the grandparents were making moves on the dance floor!

Thanks, Jen and Nick, for a memorable kick off to wedding season. I know there are amazing things down the road for you two ;)

Stay tuned for more weddings from this summer…can’t wait to share more!

Maine Wedding Photographer Maine Wedding Photographer Maine Wedding Photographer Maine Wedding Photographer Maine Wedding Photographer Maine Wedding Photographer Maine Wedding Photographer Maine Wedding Photographer Maine Wedding Photographer


Maine Wedding Photographer     2014-11-25_0063 Maine Wedding Photographer 2014-11-25_0065  Maine Wedding Photographer   2014-11-25_0069

2014-11-25_0075Maine Wedding Photographer


Maine Wedding Photographer

Maine Wedding Photographer 2014-11-25_0077




2014-11-25_0079  2014-11-25_0080 2014-11-25_0081



Maine Wedding Photographer2014-11-25_0085  2014-11-25_0088 2014-11-25_0087 2014-11-25_0086 2014-11-25_0090


Credits: Bridesmaids dresses: L’ELITE / shoes: NINA / dress: PRONOVIAS / favors: TRUFFLES FOR A CAUSE / band: NIGHT SHIFT / flowers: BLOOMS & HEIRLOOMS / photos: SARAH JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY


4 Nov

inspirational quotes

Six Months

2 Nov

I woke up this morning and realized – I GET TO MARRY MY HUNK IN SIX MONTHS. That’s right. We are six months away from May 2, 2015! I know this giddy, smiling-cheek-to-cheek feeling will only heighten as we get closer, and I’m going to enjoy every moment between now and then. As for today, the future hubs surprised me with tickets to the Patriots vs. Broncos game. My team versus his. Manning versus Brady. Can’t. Wait.

Below is a peek at one of our engagement photos taken in front of the lake at Harold Parker State Forest – a quick walk from our house. Love this man.


Spring and Summer Flower Guide

18 Jul

I’m a bit of a flower child. Not in the hippie sense (although my fiance would disagree…) but in the way that I can’t go by a Trader Joe’s or flower market without stopping to pick up a few stems – or 20. Can’t. Resist. Blooms. SO naturally, I obsess over flowers at weddings. Bouquets, centerpieces and beyond. Love, love, love them. I realized that many of my brides are looking to learn more about the types of flowers available during their wedding season, so I wanted to help them out with a little tutorial. I teamed up with Katie over at Sweet Annie Floral Design and we put a little guide together. I learned quite a bit from Katie that day, and I hope you’re able to learn a thing or two as well! Stay tuned for the fall flower guide – coming in the next few months!


Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-39

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-42

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-35

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-43

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-44

Dark Hues

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-49


Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-7 copy

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-10

Yellows and Oranges

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-6

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-14

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-32

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-23

Spring-Summer Floral Shoot-16


A Peek at Sarah and Tyler’s Engagement Session :: Great Brook Farm

24 Jun


She’s from Texas. He’s from Massachusetts. And together, they’re a bit country. I absolutely loved doing this engagement shoot at Great Brook Farm – the sun was just so much much to work with and incorporate into the shots. They were sure to wear their boots, and they most certainly rocked them in every photo. These two are just so natural together, and it’s so clear how much they love and adore each other. I can’t wait for their winter wedding in December – until then, let’s enjoy these sunny summer days!


Boston WEdding photographer 4 Boston WEdding photographer 3 Boston WEdding photographer 2SarahJaynePhotography-7 SarahJaynePhotography-10

Boston WEdding photographer 5 Boston wedding photographer 6 Boston wedding photographer 7

Boston wedding photographer 8